Training & Development Modules - page2


Motivation (Volunteer) (2hrs)
Does your organisation suffer from volunteer ‘churn’? What can you do to ensure
that volunteers are kept motivated, interested and retained? Main themes covered:
    • Theory (just a little bit!)
    • Research
    • Action
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Facilitation (2hrs)
What you need to do to ensure that group sessions are facilitated to achieve their
objectives. Or alternatively, use a DCVoluntary consultant to facilitate a group session to
produce a successful outcome. Main themes covered are:
    • What is Facilitation?
    • Preparation
    • Session Structure
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Successful Interviewing (2hrs)
A structured approach to interviewing which will increase the chances of your
organisation recruiting the best people – staff and volunteers. Main themes
covered are:
    • Competency-Based Interviews
    • Pre-interview
    • Interview Structure
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